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Dear Parishioners,

Our parish will be acquiring new hardbound permanent hymnals for the new liturgical year. The hymnal is called Journeysongs, and it comes from the same company which has produced the Breaking Bread books we have used for so many years. These new hymnals include:

  • All the hymns we know and love to sing

  • The entire three-year Sunday lectionary along with all the holy days

  • The texts for the “I Confess”, the Gloria, and the Creed on the inside cover

  • The Order of Mass with chant outlines

We are switching to a permanent hymnal for a few reasons.

  1. Dignity – These hardbound books give a greater dignity and permanence to our worship

  2. Stewardship – We will not need to dispose of numerous hymnals every year due to copyright

  3. Savings – We will save $26,000 over the next ten years by switching to a permanent hymnal


In order to buy these new hymnals, it will require a higher upfront cost than normal.  Since these are hardbound books that are meant to last, I am giving you the chance to purchase a book and even to dedicate it to someone you love. If you would like to help cover the cost of these hymnals, please fill out the form below and drop it into the collection along with your payment.

Thank you for your support.

Fr. Jacob Straub

New Hymnals
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