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Our Parish

Saint Patrick Church has been a fundamental part of the Maysville and Mason County area since the very beginning. Various priests attended to the needs of local Catholics as early as 1793, when Fr. Stephen Badin - the first priest ordained in the United States - passed through while attending to the mission territory in central Kentucky. The first actual church building was dedicated in 1847 and the parish was established at the same time under the patronage of Saint Patrick due to the large Irish population in Maysville. The current church building was dedicated in 1910 after extensive organization and preparation by Fr. Jones. The current sanctuary was renovated by Fr. Hinds in 2003 to restore the sanctuary as best as possible to its original configuration. The congregation of Saint Patrick is composed of families with a mix of Irish and German descent, as seen by the two great windows in the transepts of Saint Boniface (the apostle to the Germans) and Saint Patrick. Our parish continues to worship and live in the Catholic faith handed down to us from our forefathers and to be intentional disciples of Jesus Christ before all.




Rev. John Joyce 1847-1852

Rev. John McSweeney 1852-1857

Rev. Peter McMahon 1857-1858

Rev. Joseph Brogard 1858-1860

Rev. Lambert Young 1860

Rev. Peter McMahon 1860-1867

Rev. John Glorieux 1867-1895

Rev. Adolph Ennis 1895-1901

Rev. Patrick Jones 1901-1929

Rev. Joseph O'Dwyer 1929-1930

Rev. Edward Rohrer 1930-1941

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Leo Casey 1941-1965

Rev. Henry Busemeyer 1965-1969

Rev. John Modica 1969-1974

Rev. Cyril Eviston 1974-1985

Rev. Lawrence Robotnik 1985-1994

Rev. Thomas Wilcoxson 1994-1996

Rev. William Hinds 1996-2007

Msgr. Robert Wehage 2007-2008

Rev. Ivan Kalamuzi 2008-2012

Rev. Michael Comer 2012-2017

Rev. Jacob Straub 2017-2019

Rev. Andrew Young 2019-

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